The Twelve Days of Idol Christmas – Merry x Merry X’Mas

E-Girls is one of those groups that I don’t pay attention to much, but hwen I like something they do I REALLY like it. Gomen Nasai no Kissing You is one of my favorite idol songs period, and I absolutely loved their Odoru Ponpokorin cover.

Merry x Merry X’Mas gives me, more than any classic Christmas or current song, ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ vibes. It’s modern and fun while still being cute and upbeat. Plus, E-Girls tend to be much stronger vocalists than any of the idols I’ve covered for this feature so far. Honestly, I’ve never quite liked All I Want for Christmas is You, but Merry x Merry X’Mas works better for me. I really like the melody (particularly in the section leading up to the chorus as well as the chorus itself) and it has a warm, pleasant sound to it. I like the melody a lot, as well as the pretty constant beat in the background – this melody could very easily veer into ballad territory, but E-Girls wisely keeps it upbeat here.

One of the things that is very apparent about Avex idol groups and singers is that the production value for their songs is generally high and Merry x Merry X’Mas is no exception. I’m not always so into this level of production, as I like the often real/fresh production that other idol groups utilize. Often Avex groups sound a bit overproduced and too glossy. However, this song very much deserves the extra level of gloss, and still manages to have a warm, happy sound to it. Both the melody, arrangement and the production work together to make a great song to listen to, and one I know I’ll revisit.

The PV is pretty typical E-Girls, but that’s not a bad thing. The set design is gorgeous, and the production value is high. There’s not much to it than that. At points, E-Girls’ dancing gets to feeling a bit over the top – I get that a big part of the strength of E-Girls is that they are all very very good dancers, but it might do them some good to tone down their performance. The biggest exception here, though, is the solo dancing section. The timing of the solo dances with the song works very well, and I like that it showed off members of the group that aren’t singing.

Merry x Merry X’Mas hasn’t even been released as a single yet, and I can already tell it’s going to be a modern idol Christmas song classic that I’ll be listening to for years to come.

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