The Twelve Days of Idol Christmas – Age Age☆Christmas

When coming up with my list of songs to cover this year, I came up a bit short. So, I resorted to searching on YouTube アイドルクリスマス(idol Christmas) and found this, and I’m glad I did!

Age Age Christmas is the first single from Nagoya idol super group 7☆3 – this group has members from OS☆U, Nagoya Clear’s, The Spunky, Star☆T and others. So it’s a bunch of idols from Nagoya coming together to do a Christmas song. On the beach. Because of course they are.

The song itself is really quite good – all of the members sound great, and there’s not a bad vocalist among them. The vocal mix during the group parts sounds great, as well, with some beautiful harmonies. The rest of the arrangement works really well, too – there are bells as expected by a Christmas song, but there’s often a light disco feel to the song. The melody works very well, and the chorus is particularly catchy. It’s not quite an instant classic, but for being a debut it’s quite good. My biggest criticism of the song, if there is any, is that it doesn’t sound like a Christmas song all that often. The lyrics are very Christmas-y, but if I wasn’t paying attention I wouldn’t think that it had anything to do with Christmas. That’s a very small criticism, though, because the song is very listenable and fun.

The PV is set on the beach, which should immediately seem odd. However, the members wear (slightly skimpy) Santa outfits in parts of the PV, there’s a fake snow effect laid over it, and there are Christmas trees in the background. It’s not the first choice many would make for a Christmas-themed PV, but I suppose it does give a PV for those idol fans who might be in warmer climates during the holidays. It’s a fun PV, anyways, even if it’s unconventional.

For being a song and PV from a group I didn’t know, Age Age Christmas is a whole lot of fun and works well despite it being a little bit unconventional.

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