The Twelve Days of Idol Christmas – Matsuda Seiko’s Christmas songs

It’s no secret that I like Matsuda Seiko a lot, or at least I hope it’s not a secret. Seiko is basically the idol of idols – while idol singers existed before Seiko, she really set the image for what an idol is. If you imagine a stereotypical idol, I’m betting it’s something similar to early Seiko. She’s also had the longest career of pretty much any idol. She’s put out 81 singles, 49 albums, 40 Best albums, and countless other things. Among all of these things she has released two best of albums focused on Christmas songs as well as one winter best of.

Most of these songs tend to be covers, however they’re still fun to hear. And since I can’t cover all of these songs reasonably, here are some highlights!4

First up, familiar to most American listeners, is Wham’s Last Christmas which Seiko covered for her album Christmas tree. I have to say, while I’m not too big on the original, I m enjoying this more than I thought I would. I’m also very impressed by just how strong Seiko’s English pronunciation is. I know she briefly attempted to bring her career to the United States (Which didn’t end up working) but her pronunciation, while still accented, is quite good.

Next up is Koibito ga Santa Claus, a cover of a song originally by Matsutoya Yumi. While it’s a cover there are quite a few performances Seiko did of it, which is part of why I’m touching on it here. Because really, Seiko’s performance is so good. Her voice is always great, but, as you can see here, she also had a very magnetic stage presence. The song’s great (I particularly enjoy the titular line of “Koibito ga Santa Claus!” that starts the chorus off), but Seiko does a lot to sell it, as well.

Want even more Christmas performances by Seiko? Well, you should! This is a great video that includes an 11 minute Christmas song medley performed by Seiko as well as a performance of her song Hoshi no Fantasy, which is a beautifully orchestrated and performed ballad. It’s a great chance to see quite a bit of classic Seiko performing.

Now I bet you’re thinking “Serenyty, you’ve gotten me hooked! Is there any more classic Matsuda Seiko Christmas songs I can easily listen to?” Well, you’re in luck! This YouTube user has compiled nearly an hour of Seiko Christmas tunes and performances into one Youtube video.

Seiko is a JPop legend, and these Christmas songs and performances prove it, by still being pleasant to listen to and view even today!

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