That’s My Jam: Friday, April 8

Time for a new series of posts! I haven’t posted as much recently as I did in years past. I understand why – Happy Disco is one of the many writing venues that I’m interested in, and I have to do it in addition to my full-time job, classes, fiction writing, etc. However, I think the biggest thing I miss about writing on Happy Disco more often is promoting things. I loved doing review posts every Monday (and keeping up with my TIF posts) because that allowed me to share things in the idol world. Unfortunately, my reviews tend to be longwinded (still working on the MomoClo album reviews) and as such take me a lot of time to write.

That’s My Jam is ideally going to be a weekly installment of 2-3 idol songs I’m listening to most at the moment. It could be new stuff, old stuff, anything I want to give a quick write up about. I’m going to try and keep these brief so that I can get this out weekly. This won’t replace reviews – one of these songs I am most definitely reviewing later. However, it’ll allow me to talk about what I’m listening to on a weekly basis, and hopefully let me share more of my favorite idol music. Because, as I was lamenting on Twitter last night, there are too many good idol groups out there.

Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari) – Party People Alien

Up Up Girls have long been a group I’ve been wanting to hear more from. They certainly have had a high quantity of music, but not a lot of it grabbed me, aside from a few songs here or there. However, their recent move to make more electronic/club music has been a really great move and I think has done a lot to set the group apart. Last year’s Bijo no Yajuu was one of my favorite songs of the year, and their most recent single, Party People Alien, has certainly captured my attention. It’s infectious – the chorus (which, interesting enough, doesn’t even feature any vocals from Up Up Girls), continually gets stuck in my head. This song is very well crafted and could very well be Up Up Girls’ break into something big.

Niji no Conquistador – Alien Girl in New York

Looks like the theme of this week’s post is “alien!” Niji no Conquistador was my big discovery last year, and they have quickly established themselves as being a group with very solid music. Alien Girl in New York is a disco-themed song with a strong melody and a strong arrangement. It’s also got a very catchy chorus, and there are a few surprising choices in the production of the song (the big solo near the end is almost entirely whispered). It’s an interesting song and one of my faves.

Team Syachihoko- Cherie

And of course I’ve been listening to Team Syachihoko’s latest. I find it hilarious that whenever Syachi claims they’re doing something they’ve never done before, it’s a much more conventional single than they normally do. Cherie is just a great song – it’s very classic idol and very straightforward, but has a great melody, is performed well by the members, and has a great instrumentation (lots of strings and horns). It’s a very classic idol song, and I absolutely love that.