Song of the Day #3: Especia – Danger

Especia recently announced they’re disbanding, which is a shame because they only just released one of the best songs they’ve ever released. In fact, I’m actively unhappy that I only just listened to this after I made my Top 25 song list, because Danger is easily one of my top 5 songs of 2016, and is up there.

While Especia has been in the business of doing late 80s/early 90s city pop with a lot of disco and funk inspired sound, a lot of their music sounds very purposefully dated. Songs like Kuru Ka Na and No1 Sweeper purposefully sound pretty archaic, like the 90s music you’re not all that nostalgic for. Danger keeps the inspiration, but instead doesn’t sound dated, and instead sounds inspired by the best parts of the era. There’s no early 90s cheese, but only the best of that funky sound.

The bass line starts off the song and is perfect throughout. As is the instrumentation and arrangement, really – there are so many things going on throughout this song. The bass line is always present, there’s a shock of trumpet every so often, the guitar line is great, there are strings in the chorus and sparingly (but perfect) keys. When I mention instrumentation and arrangements being lacking in relation to other songs, this is what I mean by a good one. It’s lush without being too busy, it’s noticeable but it doesn’t take away from the melody line sung flawlessly by Tominaga Haruka, who, if there’s any justice in this world, will have some sort of solo career following Especia’s disbandment. Also, isn’t it kind of weird and amazing that this song is 100% in English?

Danger is perfect. Just, everything about this song is wonderful and I need you to go listen to it. And I need more songs like this in idol music, immediately.

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