Song of the Day #4: Lyrical School – Run and Run

When it comes to hip hop and idols l’ve always been more of a Rhymeberry fan. However, I’ve known of Lyrical School for a while, and when I heard that Hime, of the founding members of Rhymeberry, had joined Lyrical School, I decided to give them another shot. And boy is Run and Run good.

I think a big part of Run and Run’s appeal is in the members, in that all of them have a good flow and have definitely upped their skills at hip hop. Hime is particularly good (sounding her best she’s ever sounded), but another member Ayaka sounds really great too. They sound a lot more confident than I can remember from the last time I listened to Lyrical School, which is really exciting to hear.

The backing music and the melody of the hook are also really well done – Run and Run is an incredibly catchy song and well made. This is their first song under King Records, the label behind AKB48 and Momoiro Clover Z, so I hope that Lyrical School can keep getting what they need to continue making music like this. Lyrical School is definitely a group to look out for.

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