Song of the Day #6: Wakita Monari – In the City

Much like Especia’s Danger, which I wrote about a few days ago, Wakita Monari’s debut single, In the City, is a song I really wish I knew about before I wrote my Top 25 songs of 2016 list. And, coincidentally, Monari is a former member of Especia.

In the City is very much a continuation of Especia, in a way, being retro sounding city pop. It’s not quite the same sound (this doesn’t have the same synth sound as earlier Especia) but it’s also excellent. The with a lot of strings, a strong bassline and clapping that gives it a real disco feel, perhaps even more old fashioned than Especia’s standard late 80s / early 90s sound.

I don’t like In the City nearly as much as Danger, but In the City is a very promising debut. I love all the strings, the clapping, and Monari is a compelling singer. Monari has a new single coming out next month, and I’m hoping for future successes for her.

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