Song of the Day #7: GEM – No Girls No Fun

When I was getting ready for the Women’s March last week I inexplicably got GEM’s No Girls No Fun stuck in my head. While No Girls No Fun isn’t exactly the slogan I needed to put on my sign, it’s one of the catchier songs from recent years.

One of the things I really like about No Girls No Fun is just how much it feels like a song meant to be sung by a group. While this is kind of obvious, I think it’s always a little awkward when groups perform a song that was clearly meant to be sung by a solo artist. With how much of a back and forth there is from members during the verses, this song is clearly intended for a group.

I also like how cool and laid back the song is at first in the verses before bursting into the chorus. This song has an interesting pace, but manages to stay interesting and fresh throughout. Each section of the song leads into the next well. It feels cohesive but at the same time changing up well.

No Girls No Fun is just a good song, and performed well by GEM.


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