Muten Musume; so Tsunku ISN’T just crazy :D

A while ago a lot of fans were concerned as a new morning musume song was leaked from recordings at sushi restaurants of all places called “Appare! Kaiten Zushi”, a song about rotating conveyor belt sushi. Now, a lot of fans of Eri, JunJun and LinLin were a bit shocked and displeased that Morning Musume would have a silly song like this as the graduation song of their favorites. Luckily for them, it’s been revealed that in a collaboration with a big sushi restaurant corporation, a “new unit” (of all the Morning Musume members) called Muten Musume would be releasing a sushi-themed single; so really, even though it’s Morning Musume doing it, it’s Muten Musume.

 So adorable… 

In addition, all the girls have “Muten” characters that they nicknamed themselves and are just cute little cartoon drawings of themselves. Most of the names are just “Ai Ai” “LiLi” “ReiRei” and stuff (hey, isn’t there a Rei Rei in Ice Creamusume? Maybe?), but I like Aika’s “Ika Ika” which I believe means squid. XD 
My favorite’s a squid now? She’s a cute squid, though…

I’m actually pretty excited to see where this goes. Girl groups ARE pretty big right now, and depending on how far this promotion goes I think it stands a good chance at bringing in a new audience for Morning Musume. I mean, selling sushi isn’t super glamorous and isn’t as glamorous as even selling pocky was, but hey. Morning Musume has a cartoon dressed as a squid, AKB48 has girls dressed as vegetables. 
I’m wondering how well this will sell; will it be promoted like a regular Morning Musume single, just as Muten Musume? Will it be played in commercials or just in restaurants? How far will this single be carried. I think it’s good that Morning Musume is being given some press right now, and has something that will bring them into the public eye at least a little. Other than hearing a really bad audio for the sound no one really knows that much about the collaboration so I really hope it works out and that this can maybe help amp up Morning Musume’s appeal and sales!

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