Song of the Day #9: Matsuura Aya – Happy to Go!

Honestly, if there’s any person that could have and should have matched Matsuda Seiko as being an Eternal Idol it was Matsuura Aya. I still find it entirely frustrating just how little Aya’s career was supported near the end, when she’s one of the most talented and charismatic performers in Japanese pop history. She has a gorgeous voice, tons of personality and stage presence.

While a lot has been said and written about Aya’s early career when she was at her most popular (This article is particularly good), the song of the day is off one of her later, less listened to albums, Double Rainbow.

I think one of the reasons I love this song so much is because of this performance. If I’m ever asked about why I love Matsuura Aya, I’d say it’s all in here. Like always Aya’s vocals are great, but she also plays to the audience so well, so almost effortlessly, that it’s immediately clear how great of a pop performer she is.

The other thing about Happy to Go is that it’s just a great song. Double Rainbow is a lot slower of an album than Aya’s earlier work, with more ballads and more jazzy numbers, but Happy to Go has that kind of jazzy feel with an upbeat sound. It’s a lot more mature than her earlier music, but it’s completely suited to Aya’s vocals and her strengths as a performer at that time. In general Double Rainbow is one of my favorite albums ever, so if you like this then I definitely recommend that as well.

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