Song of the Day #10: Morning Musume – Renai Revolution 21

When it comes to idol music before 2009 a lot of it comes down to Hello!Project and Morning Musume. Morning Musume is in many ways my first idol music love, so a lot of Morning Musume’s early music has gotten to be very nostalgic for me. One of the most nostalgic songs and best songs of early Monring Musume is Renai Revolution 21. One of Morning Musume’s most well known and well loved tracks, I know that I’ve heard a lot of criticism that this song is overplayed. While this may be in many ways accurate – the song is played at a lot of concerts and on a lot of TV appearances. And yet, despite its relative overplay, I have yet to get sick of Renai Revolution 21.

In many ways it’s a song that is up my alley – disco-inspired arrangement by prolific Hello!Project collaborator Dance Man? Check. Morning Musume’s golden era featuring one of my favorite pop singers ever? Check. Upbeat pop track with solid bass line? Check. But I think ultimately it’s just a really catchy song that’s well written and arranged well, set at a perfect upbeat tempo (though without being TOO fast. Renai Revolution 21 is in many ways a modern pop classic. It’s about as perfect as a pop song can get. I honestly can’t think of any real flaws to Renai Revolution 21, which is why I can listen to it again, and again, and again.

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