Song of the Day #11: Koizumi Kyoko – Nantettate Idol

I’ve seen this referred to as a definitive idol song and it’s hard to argue why. With some stellar lyrics written by Akimoto Yasushi, this is very self-referential and refers back to the life of being an idol singer in Japan. The translated lyrics can be found here and I think they’re worth a read purely based on how much they feel like an idol song. Sections like this:

“As for the subject of love, I do fall in love, but
If it’s a scandal you want, then no thank you
My image is important!
Being pure, proper, and beautiful”

work really well as being a comment on idol culture that still works today. It’s this directly commenting on idol culture and things like dating bans that makes some of Akimoto Yasushi’s lyrics so interesting – he touches on this again in NMB48’s Mousou Girlfriend, for example. It’s one of the most interesting aspects of Akimoto’s lyric writing, and I wish he’d touch more on it.

Nantettate Idol is also a really great song – the melody works well throughout and it’s  fun song to sing. I know that I love doing this one at karaoke and hamming up the “scandal nara NO THANK YOU” line. While it’s a relatively old song, being from 1985, it feels really current. While I enjoy Matsuda Seiko’s work despite (or maybe because?) it’s a little dated, Nantettate Idol sounds like it could be a new song.

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