Song of the Day #12: Speed – White Love

I feel like when people talk about the trajectory of idol singers in Japan, at least with English-speakers and foreigners, not enough people talk about Speed. Speed’s a bit of an odd one out, with their R&B inspired sound not really being super influential for future idol groups. It’s not very easy to track the trajectory of idol groups in the way that you can say that Onyanko Club lead to Morning Musume which lead to AKB48. That said, Speed’s best of album Moment is the highest selling girl group album in Japanese history. So while it’s difficult to show Speed as being as influential as something like Onyanko Club or Morning Musume, they are an important part of Japanese idol history.

Arguably their most recognized song, White Love isn’t my normal cup of tea. While not slow paced it is a ballad, and while not quite as r&b focused as some of Speed’s other music that influence is still present. That said, even if its genre isn’t my particular interest, White Love is just an undeniably good song. While the entire song is good, the chorus is so strong and powerful that just listening to it makes me want to belt it out. The song is also carried by just how strong vocal performers Speed are (another aspect of Speed that’s sadly not idol mainstream right now), and some great instrumentation including the acoustic guitar in the bridge.

White Love is a classic idol song at this point and definitely deserves to be a classic.

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