Song of the Day #19: Rev. from DVL – What a Surprise!

Yep, two Rev songs in a row. I was trying to think of more groups to focus on, more songs to feature, but I can’t stop thinking about just how good Rev. from DVL’s music has been.

What a Surprise! is a song that features no Hashimoto Kanna (by far the most popular member of the group), but is one of the group’s best tracks – this ended up at #5 on my top songs list on 2015. Honestly, if you know anything about my music taste you’ll know why I like this song – it has a great funky, disco sound to it. What a Surprise has a great beat, bass sound, and the guitar in the song is wonderful.

The other thing I like is that the song sounds mature – not in a particularly sexy way but in that it sounds more like a song sung by adults. One thing that continually frustrates me with idol music is how youth-focused it is. There are very few songs and groups that feel genuinely mature, at least in comparison to how many youth-centric songs there are. What a Surprise (and others I’ll feature no doubt!) feels more mature, which I find endearing.

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