Song of the Day #21: – Fuyu e to Hashiridasu o! is most known and beloved for being loud, fast-paced and raucous – they’re the type of songs that are just nothing but high paced energy and, well, denpa music. While I love those songs, and most of my favorite songs are those types of songs, Fuyu e to Hashidasu o proves that there’s a lot more to the group than just fast-paced noise.

While this is a mid-tempo song, it’s pretty slow compared to a lot of Dempa’s other songs. That said, it has a very laidback, relaxed feel to it. The instrumentation is largely acoustic guitar, and while there’s some electronic sound there (an electric keyboard most notably), it still maintains that sort of relaxed feel throughout. This is also helped by the performance of the members of the group – the vocals are performed without much projection, sometimes sounding almost like a whisper. Members that have some pipes and are pretty loud in other songs (Eimi and Risa) are instead soft and quiet which add to its relaxed feel.

This feels like a winter song to me. Considering winter is mentioned in the title that’s a given, but the song feels relaxed and cozy, something to listen to as we wait for spring.

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