Song of the Day #22: Ongaku Gatas – Narihajimeta Koi no Bell

This morning I was very excited to see a video of the current lineup of Country Girls with their supervisor, former Country Musume member Satoda Mai. This got me thinking about how one of the biggest mistakes in Hello!Project history was getting rid of the Elder Club, the lineup of graduated members. One of Hello!Project’s biggest strengths is its 20 year history, and one of the most fun parts of Hello!Project were when they had a wide range of ages and experiences.

While Satoda Mai makes me think of Country Musume, all of this just made me think of Ongaku Gatas, which is one of the more underutilized and underrated groups in Hello!Project history. Made up of four veteran members and several newbies (with the theme being they were all on the company futsal team), they had a surprisingly solid discography of music. Ongaku Gatas’ first and only album, 1st Goodsal, is an incredibly solid collection of pop songs and songs that sound purely original. One of the most fun tracks off that album is Ongaku Gatas’ first single, Narihajimeta Koi no Bell.

This is one of the tracks I was thinking of when I named my blog Happy Disco – it’s got a great disco feel to it throughout. It also has the happy sound to it – the song is upbeat and just pure fun. I don’t know if I can even be objective and review this, because this is just too much fun. While I wish that Hello!Project would spring and record using real strings and real instruments once in a while, the arrangement is good, the melody is infectious, and this song is one of my all time favorites.

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