Song of the Day #28: Niji no Conquistador – Senjou no St. Valentine

I think this will be my last Valentine’s Day track of the year, and it’s a bit of an unconventional one.

While the other songs I’ve profiled this week have been cute and sweet, gentle, and romantic in one way or another. Senjou no St. Valentine is rough, has a dark feel to it, it’s more rock-inspired with electric guitar being the the base of the background instrumentation. It’s not a traditional Valentine’s song, which is part of what I find fascinating about it.

If you asked me to recommend an up and coming group you should be following, I’d potentially say Niji no Conquistador, and it’s this kind of disconnect that makes me like them so much. It’s a Valentine’s Day song, but it’s not in any way sweet or romantic. Instead of lyrics focused on a romantic love, it references battles, rivals, and is much more of a less romantic view of love and relationships than something like Valentine Kiss.

All the members of Niji no Conquistador are excellent and pull off this theme well, and the entire song has a great melody and is produced well. But more than anything this is such an unexpected, unusual look at Valentine’s Day that I can’t help but love it.

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