Song of the Day #32: Wakita Monari – Boy Friend

When I wrote about The Cut I mentioned that it would be on my top 25 list if it wasn’t a cover. Boy Friend is the first song I’m pretty sure will be on that top 25 list in general. It’s Wakita Monari’s second single (who I featured early on with her first single, In The City), and man is it good. Monari was a member of Especia, and Boy Friend feels like a continuation of that, a take on 80s pop music. That all being said, Boy Friend feels less intentionally dated – instead of focusing on the gaudy, dated city pop that Especia focused on when Monari was a member, intentionallhy being both nostalgic and kind of tacky, Boy Friend is what’s good about the 80s pop music. It reminds me of Carly Rae Jepson’s fantastic album Emotion, which has that same kind of feel.

The melody is incredibly catchy and Monari sells it completely.

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