Song of the Day #33: Nogizaka46 – Seifuku no Mannequin

This is a pretty perfect dance song – the chorus is so incredibly strong. While I have a lot of affection for Nogizaka46’s earlier, classic idol sound (especially the French pop sound of Hashire Bicycle) it’s impossible to ignore that Seifuku no Mannequin is a great song. My favorite group, Team Syachihoko, covered this song in concert – they don’t often cover other idol groups (preferring to cover bands or other pop acts) so its kind of huge. I remember watching a big idol special on TV, and every fan kind went wild for Seifuku no Mannequin, regardless of which act they supported. It’s impossible to deny how catchy and how wonderful Seifuku no Mannequin is.

It’s hard to really describe how great Seifuku no Mannequin is – it has a great beat, an incredibly catchy melody. It’s so well written, that I don’t know if I have any criticisms about it.

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