Song of the Day #35: Armor Girls – Anatatona Lover

There’s a lot I don’t get and don’t really like about Kamen Joshi and its subgroup Armor Girls. The focus on gimmicks and suggestive thumbnails on their videos doesn’t work for me, and of course their weirdly joke-y pro-Trump video wasn’t great either. They seem like their main product is people following the members and the more gimmicky side of the groups, especially considering they don’t put out very much music.

All that being said, the biggest issue for me with Kamen Joshi is their lack of output and new music because some Kamen Joshi music is really great, especially Armor Girls. Armor Girls combines a more traditional Irish sound with strings and flutes with a more pop music sound and it somehow works REALLY well. This makes their sound completely unique but great.

All of their songs are fantastic, but Anatanona Lover is particularly great – I love the strings, the opening of it, and the bridge that weirdly reminds me of something like a sailor’s shanty? It has a darker feel to it and it works really well. While I listen to all of Armor Girls’ music on a very regular basis, Anatatona Lover is the song that pops in my head when I’m doing something else that makes me need to listen to Armor Girls.

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