Song of the Day #36: Happiness – Ordinary Girls

Speaking of groups I haven’t followed to much of. While I like a lot of songs, I never really feel compelled to follow them very closely. So it was a surprise that one of the songs of 2016 I’ve listened to most was Happiness’ Ordinary Girls.

It has a very KPop, Western sound to it, but it also has a completely catchy melody and a fantastic beat. I also really enjoy how the song transitions from verse to chorus – the verse is relatively upbeat and peppy, though with that kind of KPop-y beat. However, the song has a strong transition to a darker electronic beat for the in your face strong chorus. The members of Happiness perform this so well, and have a lot of attitude. The vocalists are really strong too, and make this song work – it’s the type of song where I can’t imagine a, well, ordinary idol group perform it.

Ordinary Girls isn’t the type of song I choose to listen to on a very regular basis, but it has somehow become a recent favorite.

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