Song of the Day #37: Aso Natsuko – Movement of Magic

I just got the Facebook notification that I met Aso Natsuko exactly five years ago, when I was at Hyper Japan in London. It was my first ever idol concert experience, and it was a very fun time. Natsuko is a skilled performer and all of her songs are really fun.

While I’ve already mentioned some of her music before, I can’t stress enough how great all three of her albums are, especially considering I’m bond of all three for different reasons. Precious Tone, her second album, reminds me the most of London. My Starlit Point is probably the most polished, and is almost perfect. And Movement of Magic, Aso Natsuko’s first album, has a lot of great songs written by my favorite songwriter (Maeyamada Kenichi) and is perhaps her most straight up fun album, which is reflected in its title track.

Movement of Magic is perhaps the most danceable Natsuko song I can think of – it has a great beat, has more of an electronic sound to it, and its tempo is probably the best paced song for that. It’s fun, catchy and with a solid beat. While there are other Natsuko songs I prefer, Movement of Magic is one I revisit quite frequently.

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