Song of the Day #38: AKB48 – Sugar Rush

Today, for once, I wasn’t thinking at all about idols – I was thinking about movies, specifically The Oscars. While the Academy Awards and their relative importance (or lack thereof) are topics that I could talk about a thousand times, that’s not why I’m here – Happy Disco is an idol music blog, after all, and I have to keep on topic. So it’s time to feature a song that’s been featured in an American movie!

While Sugar Rush didn’t get a nomination, it was kind of amazing to hear an AKB48 song featured in an American movie, or more accurately have an American studio ask AKB48 to do a song. While in hindsight I don’t think that Sugar Rush is in any way Oscar Worthy, it’s a fun, upbeat song that fits the movie it’s from perfectly (Wreck-It Ralph) and is seriously one of the catchiest idol songs ever.

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