Song of the Day #39: Rhymeberry – Sekaichuu ni I Love You

My Facebook memory for when I first discovered this song popped up today and I had to share this one as my song of the day.

While it took a while to get into Lyrical School, I’ve been liking them a lot lately. I think a big part of what prevented me from getting into them in a big way was that early Rhymeberry was such an oddball idol rap group. Sekaichuu ni I Love You is a weird song. I still don’t know if the 1910s/1920s jazz instrumental was a cover or if it was sampled from something, but it’s not at all what you’d expect to listen to with JPop rap from the 2010s. Yet, somehow, it works. The instrumental is great, with a lot of clarinet (my favorite) and is well performed. The members of Rhymeberry are not quite at their peak yet (I still don’t know if Miri has hit her peak, she’s so great), but they do an admirable job with what they’re doing. The lyrics include the phrase “dope the shit” which is one of the funniest things I think I’ve heard from idol lyrics, and also namedrop Han Solo which is a nice touch.

Sekaichuu ni is just eccentric. Even within the small subgenre that is idol rap, there is absolutely no other song even remotely like this. It’s unabashedly weird and I just want more songs that feel free to be this odd.

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