Song of the Day #40: Team Syachihoko – Cherie

I just got my copy of Team Syachihoko’s latest album, Owari to Hajimari, and I had to recommend a Team Syachihoko song today.

Team Syachihoko is known for being like Momoior Clover Z but louder and more energetic. While I would agree with this, for the past couple of years the group has started to mature and started to expand beyond that to having more normal idol music – when the group says “we’re doing something we haven’t done it’s more a normal song.

That being said, Cherie is cute and charming old-school Jpop – it feels like the melody should be from some 80s pop star. It’s cute and well performed. However, the arrangement shines as well, full of strings and a variety of instruments.

Cherie is just charming. It’s not heavy or difficult to listen to, but it is instead sweet and cute, something that it took Team Syachihoko years to do.

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