Kanon smacksdown SNSD… sort of?

Proof that the internet can take things way too seriously, news has been circling the internet that Fukuda Kanon of S/Mileage “challenged” SNSD in saying that S/Mileage wasn’t going to lose to SNSD’s legs and that they were fresher than SNSD.

Well. Sort of.

Some of the articles out there (in particular the ones at Arama They Didn’t and at Tokyohive) brought the news to attention by adding on certain embellishments, such as saying that the other idol groups “smiled bitterly” and wrote as though Kanon herself was making a serious challenge, essentially telling SNSD “you’re going down.”


That’s the video posted of Kanon saying those words. Now, where are the others smiling bitterly? where’s Kanon being rude and telling SNSD that they’re going down? I don’t see any of that here. What we have here is an over exaggeration of what Kanon herself said. She might have said the things that she was “accused” of, but what people need to pay attention to is the context and the way she said things. Does she seem rude or bitter? Not at all. When I see that video, I see Kanon almost joking around, and with an attitude that’s much more “we are going to try our best to match SNSD” than “We’re going to kick SNSD’s ass.”

To me, when Kanon says this, it’s not saying that she and S/Mileage are better than SNSD; rather, I’d say it’s a compliment towards SNSD, saying that Kanon holds them in high esteem and that they’re going to attempt to compete with SNSD.

However, due to these articles hitting the net, SNSD fans are rallying behind their favorite group to the point where after I searched Yume Miru 15 so I could watch a live performance of S/Mileage’s debut single, I come across SNSD fans declaring “Oh yeah, SNSD is WAAAY better than this.”

Listen, I’m not about to say who’s better. Really, I like S/Mileage a little better but I respect the merits of SNSD and I like some of their music. However, IMO, before people bash a group or a person they really need to figure out the context before things are blown out of proportion.

Also, SNSD fans (oh my God I’m going to get so flamed for this): Take a little chill pill. Really. Not everyone likes SNSD. Getting so riled up over a small thing makes you look bad.

Plus, I’m kind of sick of all the hate in the S/Mileage comments. Just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean I have to see you going “OMG THEY SUCKZORZ.”

1 thought on “Kanon smacksdown SNSD… sort of?

  1. That's the problem with mixing fandoms. Some people just can't do it!

    However, there's an upside: Publicity is publicity, no matter what form it takes.

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