Song of the Day #50: W – Robo Kiss

Happy 50th Song of the Day! I have to say, the fact I’ve managed to stick with this for fifty consecutive days of blogging makes me more than a little proud. And when I opened this post I had no ideas on what songs to pick. So I decided to check out my YouTube recommendations and see what songs it had, and luckily enough W’s Robo Kiss came up.

W is a pretty interesting Hello!Project group, all things considered, because they started out doing covers. Not covers of currently popular songs, but popular songs from the Showa era, mostly things from the 60s and 70s. Their first album, Duo U&U, was all covers of female duos from that period. So when it came time for original music, it’s kind of amazing how much of that style they managed to retain.

Robo Kiss was their second original single (after Aa Ii na) and more than anything it reminds me of a Pink Lady song. It has the same kind of weird sensibility of songs like UFO or Southpaw, and the melody reminds me of songs from Pink Lady as well. The entire song sounds like a modern, updated version of a Showa era song, only it was written in 2004. I still had to look up and make sure it wasn’t a cover.

Robo Kiss is weird and entirely catchy. It’s one of those songs where, even if I hadn’t listened to it for months or even years, I feel like I could accurately sing it. It’s got a great melody, both Kago Ai and Tsuji Nozomi play it up, and it’s ust delightfully weird.

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