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I’m sure this is old news to anyone who reads this blog, but this morning of September 11th 2011, Kago Ai attempted to commit suicide.

When I saw the news online today, I can say that I was in shock. Granted, Kago Ai isn’t the idol I’d be most surprised to see doing something like this, but it’s still a hard thing to see. Ai has never been one of my favorite idols. Perhaps it’s because I became a H!P fan after her initial scandals, but she’s not one of the girls I like best. However, I do hold 4th generation Morning Musume in a special place, partially because of it being Rika’s generation, but also because I think they were monumental in MM history.

It’s really hard to see Kago hurting like this, and I’m honestly somewhat at a loss of words for this. It’s easy to blame her, to be upset at her or to find one aspect of her life that she should change. Anyone who writes this sort of thing isn’t necessarily wrong. Kago is obviously in a tough place in her lie and something has to give. However, suicide isn’t a light decision, and depression is a complicated disease to deal with.

The one thing I think about all of this is that above all Kago needs help. She needs to talk to someone and get things straightened out, which is beyond dumping her boyfriend or quitting her showbiz career.

The thing that I think she needs more than anything are people in her life who care about her enough to urge her to get help or to be there for her, which I don’t know if she has. She has a public enough life for us to know that her family life has been dysfunctional from the start.

I’m keeping Kago Ai in my thoughts and I really do hope that she can get the help that she needs. One thing I want the online idol community to get is that depression and suicide are serious things. If you feel depressed or like you want to commit suicide, please go find help or call a hotline. What you’re going through is rough, but please seek the help that you need.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:



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