Song of the Day #51: LinQ – LinQuest ~Yagate Densetsu e~

I love songs that have some sort of theme, some sort of gimmick. LinQuest, LinQ’s RPG themed song, is not only a fun gimmick (with the occasional chiptune sound on a backdrop of orchestral music) but it’s a good song. Written by my favorite composer Maeyamada Kenichi, LinQuest ~Yagate Densetsu e~ has an epic feel, a lush beautiful instrumental, and feels like it should be in the soundtrack to a movie or a game. It’s a well put together song that I discover something new to love during every listen. Just listening to the background instrumentation I focus on something new every time I revisit this song – the electric bass, the chiptune, the flutes, the timpani. It’s lush, beautiful, and a treat to listen to again and again.

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