Song of the Day #52: NMB48 – Bokura no Eureka

Every so often I go back and relisten to the AKB48 music I listened to about 4-5 years ago, and while there’s been a lot of great tracks from them, one of my favorites is NMB48’s Bokura no Eureka. It’s beautifully put together, but what I love about it is the feel of the song – the melody and the strings make it sound almost bittersweet, which fits well with the rambly, story-driven lyrics. It has a feel that not a lot of other songs have, that bittersweetness –’s Not Bocchi… Natsu has it (which I’ll probably recommend for a song of the day sooner or later). It’s the type of song that’s upbeat and fun to listen to, but at the same time tugs at your heartstrings in some imperceptible way, that makes it feel more like a ballad. It’s hard to describe just why it makes me feel this way, but Bokura no Eureka feels a bit like heartache, in the best possible way. It’s a great song, and even if you’re not a big 48 group fan I encourage you to check this out.

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