Song of the Day #53: Niji no Conquistador – Brand New Happy Days

I feel like just recently Niji no Conquistador has started to get their fair shake as an exciting group. And it’s true that their music has gotten more and more interesting and exciting over time. However, I still have a lot of affection for Nijicon’s earliest music, and their second single is probably my favorite. Brand New Happy Days isn’t the most interesting song ever, especially compared to other songs like Yarukkyanai 2015 or Alien Girl in New York. However, it has little hints of weirdness, like the dark bridge near the end that comes out of nowhere and the spoken sections. Despite this it’s one of the catchiest, cutest songs and one that always brings a smile to my face.

I normally don’t bring up music videos in this segment, but as much as I like the song the video is where Brand New Happy Days really shines. All of the backdrops are clearly in person, the props are all held up by the members. The entire thing has the feel of a group making their own video, which goes along with the group’s theme (the group was formed by the art-sharing website Pixiv). While not as glossy as something like Yarukkyanai 2015, Brand New Happy Days has a homemade aesthetic that I always like.

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