Song of the Day #57: Rev. from DVL – Ai ni Kinshai

Yes, another Rev song. I’m genuinely not ready for them to break up. Even though they haven’t been particularly active as of late, it’s still pretty heartbreaking, honestly. They were one of my favorite groups, and I think they were really underappreciated in the foreign community.

Ai ni Kinshai is pretty silly, at least compared to other songs like Kimi ga Ite Boku ga Ita and even Love Arigatou. It’s focused on Hakata, Fukuoka, where the group is centered, and has a goofy charm to it which is part of what made me love the group so much in the first place. It’s also a very catchy, upbeat tune. The goofy, upbeat and happy charm of it also extends to the music video, which features Hakata in more detail. I really like when local idol groups focus on how important the area they’re from is, and while Rev moved to being more of a national group with their rise in popularity I’m glad they still kept Hakata prominent.

I’m really going to miss Rev. from DVL.

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