Song of the Day #61: Team Syachihoko – Ultra Chou Miracle Super Very Power Ball

One of the hardest things about running this series are the songs I can’t share. I have so many B-Sides or album songs that just aren’t on YouTube or another easily accessible video site. I want to promote songs that you can listen to immediately, so focusing on some of the new album songs on Team Syachihoko’s latest, Owari to Hajimari, is difficult.

So instead I’m going to recommend one of Team Syachihoko’s singles from 2016, the lengthy titled Ultra Chou Miracle Super Very Power Ball. The thing I love about this song is that even though this song is in many ways a pop song (the melody and structure), the arrangement makes it a darker rock song with even some metal trappings. Syachi isn’t going Babymetal, not by a long shot, but it’s rare to have songs have this level of darkness or this specific kind of energy. The energy is what makes this song, which is part of why it’s a perfect song for Syachi – they can pull off a song like this.

While the entire song is great, I especially like the build up at the start of the song. The song builds up perfectly in that first 30 seconds or so, pumping you up. That’s what Ultra Chou Miracle Super Very Power Ball does well, and every section similar to this opening is stellar.

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