Song of the Day #63: Takoyaki Rainbow – Genki Uri no Shoujo ~Naniwa Meika Gojussen~

Yesterday I found out that the Stardust Promotion YouTube channel no longer was region-locking its content, so I went through and rewatched quite a few music videos on that channel. So the next few recommendations will probably be from that channel.

One of the groups I focused a lot on was Takoyaki Rainbow – Takoyaki Rainbow made the move to Avex for their major debut, but at this point they only have two singles and an album through Avex, and most of their best music is from their indie days. Genki Uri no Shoujo is probably my favorite indie Takoyaki Rainbow song (though tomorrow my favorite might be Meccha Funk).

Genki Uri no Shoujo is pretty much up my alley in every conceivable way. The song was written by my favorite composer, Maeyamada Kenichi, it has a disco sound/feel to it, it’s high energy and it’s just weird. A lot of the best parts of the song are either strange by design (the extended comedy routine performed by Ayaki Sakura and Negishi Karen for one) or hammed up by the members (Hori Kurumis’ solo afterwards). That’s the other great part about this song – Takoyaki Rainbow is just perfect at it.

Honestly, if you wanted to find the exact song that combines all the things I really like in JPop / idol music, it would probably be Genki Uri no Shoujo.

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