Song of the Day #65: Takoyaki Rainbow – Meccha Disco

The other day I discovered that Takoyaki Rainbow’s first album is on Spotify, so I’ve been listening to a lot of the group’s music. While Dot JP Japan is still one of my favorite songs and there are a lot of great songs, Meccha Disco is so far up my alley that I have to recommend it.

In the vein of Meccha Funk and Meccha Punk, Meccha Disco is Takoyaki Rainbow’s take on a genre and it just happens to be Disco. Much like other Stardust groups, Takoyaki Rainbow succeeds mainly in just how high energy they are – they take these genres and make them fun and energetic. Meccha Disco feels like disco but modernized enough to be a workable dance song today. When other groups have done disco-inspired tracks I’ve liked it a lot, but I’m not sure how it would play in a non-idol setting. Meccha Disco sounds like a song that would be really fun to dance to or see in concert, and a song that takes the best parts of the genre but modernizes it enough to make it danceable.

I think Meccha Disco is a song that shows just why I love the current disco/funk influence in idol music a lot, and why I’d like to see it continue into the future.

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