Song of the Day #66: Team Syachihoko – Maji Kansha

When talking about idol songs I think I really put things like emotion and feelings on the backburner. Since idol songs generally are written by an outside songwriter for the group, I think it’s rare for a song to really become genuinely emotional, and even then it’s songs that are co-opted for a specific reason (i.e. Morning Musume’s I Wish became a lot more meaningful when it started being used for member graduations.

However, some songs just end up having a lot of emotional meaning to them, and one of them is Team Syachihoko’s Maji Kansha, which eventually started being played as the last song of each concert, as a bit of gratitude from the group to the fans. This version is from their latest concert, which was at a venue they’d been aiming for for years, but this song keeps popping up again and again. At one show they changed the lyrics to be more immediately personal to the members, at another early show due to technical difficulties the mics didn’t work so the audience sang along to the song. It’s a song written with a lot of emotion, but due to how it’s been performed it’s taken a really emotional feel to it.

Maji Kansha is a sweet song in general, but its use has made it a really emotional thing for me.

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