Song of the Day #67: Especia – Kuru Kana

Since it’s nearly the end of July, time to feature some more Especia and Rev. from DVL as they wrap up before disbanding. First, it’s Kuru Kana.

I think one of the things I appreciated most from Especia, especially at their peak, was how easily they went against the grain. They found a niche that worked for them, this early 90s / vaporwave sound and aesthetic and while it could be seen as a gimmick it’s a gimmick that actually works by virtue of their music being legitimately excellent.

My love of Kuru Kana started as more of an interest in the aesthetic of the video and just how odd this all was. Then, as I watched the video more and listened to the song more, I realized what a great song this is. Even if the production is (very intentionally) dated, the melody is there and sounds great. And even though the song’s production is intentionally dated, it eventually ends up sounding really great.

Even more than I’ll miss Especia itself (which I will), I’ll miss having a group like Especia.

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