Song of the Day #69: Rev. from DVL – Step by Step

Yep, even though I covered Rev from DVL’s last song yesterday, I just couldn’t help myself from covering another one. Step by Step is a B-Side to their second single, but it’s I think become one of Rev’s major songs pretty quickly. The thing about Step By Step (and most of Rev from DVL’s music) is that on the surface it’s a pretty standard idol song – it’s upbeat, it’s peppy, has a catchy melody. However, Rev took this formula and made consistently exciting, well-made, polished music. This is the ideal idol pop song for me – it’s not particularly interesting but what it lacks in interest it makes up in quality.

The other thing I love about Step by Step is just how well it integrates the song and the fan chants throughout. This is a participation-heavy song, and while some of the participation heavy songs seem to be just about that participation, Step By Step works on its own and it works when combined with the fan chanting. I think it works better with – if I’m sitting at home listening to Step By Step I’m probably doing the fan parts on my own. But it’s, in my opinion, one of the best songs to show how audience interaction makes idol music special.

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