Song of the Day #70: Rev. from DVL – Ai Girl

YEP I’m not stopping with Rev songs, I’m too broken up about them disbanding. I’d say I’m sorry, but highlighting Rev is what I need to do now.

Ai Girl is a song featuring the most popular three members, Kanna, Miho, and Nagisa, and it’s one of the many songs Rev did for the Aikatsu franchise. I think what I like most about Ai Girl is the level of energy it has, and how it works this into the song – instead of having each member sing relatively long sections, each member sings individual phrases. It’s not as strange sounding as when each member of a group sings individual syllables (as in Morning Musume’s WHY) but instead the solo sections are broken up at the exact moment that would bring up the tension and excitement of the song. It works perfectly and I think is the type of song that would only really work with a small group like this.

The overall song is excellent too, but Ai Girl just shines with its energy.

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