Song of the Day #71: Rev. from DVL – 50 Years

Last Rev song, at least for a while. They just had their last concert, so they are officially disbanded. I’m hoping the best things for all the members and hope to see them again in something else. While I’m sad I didn’t get to see them perform live once, I’m glad that they managed to have some level of popularity for a while – I became their fan when they were a tiny indie group not doing much except performing locally in Fukuoka, so I’m glad they were able to put out some quality music for a while.

50 Years is an interesting song to see Rev off with, in that it feels like a fitting wrap up. Even though I’ve already covered songs like Love Arigatou and Never Say Goodbye, 50 years concerns itself with thinking ahead, to the future, 50 years down the line. It’s a positive song, but it’s also a song about departure. It has a great beat to it, too, and it’s great to listen to.

I’m going to miss Rev a lot, but at the same time I’m glad Rev existed at all. Thank you, Rev. from DVL.

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