I fill out another survey because I’m bored

It is this point where I don’t think anyone will be interested at all. But I found this survey from 2008 from Celestia on Bikkuri Project, and I was bored and procrastinating my long post I’m writing for Charmy Disco and the posts I’ve been working on for Happy Disco. So. Survey time.

1. You have found a magical J-pop genie who will grant you one J-pop related wish (so no wishing for a million dollars or world peace or anything like that). It can be virtually anything as long as it’s directly related to J-pop, and don’t worry, because this is the nice sort of genie, not the kind who will try to find a loop-hole and screw up your wish. So, what do you wish for???
Ishikawa Rika gets a solo singing career that is a lasting career (meaning it’s not just one or two solo singles like Yaguchi Mari, but a legit soloist career)

2. Is there any J-pop artist or group who seriously pisses you off? If yes, who, and why?
I’m not super happy with the new Avex group, Super*Girls, but only because the only thing they’re saying about themselves is ‘we’re forming to beat AKB48’; they’re basically admitting “yes, we’re only here because big idol groups are big.”

Also, Nooot a fan of Natsuyaki Miyabi.

3. Who do you think is the sexiest japanese singer out there?
Ishikawa Rika

4. How about the cutest?
Ishikawa Rika

5. Best personality?
Ishikawa Rika

6. If given the opportunity, would you rather date person 3, person 4, or person 5?
Same person. But I’d like to date her, yes.

7. You work for a Japanese music magazine, and you have the opportunity to interview your favorite artist or group. What are a couple of the questions you want to ask them?
Things like “what do you see yourself doing in five years?” or “what’s your favorite part about being an idol?” Happy questions from the Happy Disco.

8. What’s the best (J-pop) song to listen to when you are really sad?
If I’m angry and sad I rage to Shabondama; if I’m sad and I want to be happy I listen to Mano Erina’s Sekai wa Summer Party.

9. When you’re really happy?
The Peace or Koi wo Shichaimashita.

10. Do you often sing along to your favorite songs?
If I’m alone I’ll be singing along.

11. How about dance?
If I know the dance I have a hard time NOT doing it while I listen to the song. I am unable to listen to Kimagure Princess without doing chest thrusts and rubbing my ass.

12. Artistic integrity question!! If someone offerrered to pay you for blogging, but they were allowed to censor some of your opinions or veto some of your blogging ideas, would you do it?
I honestly don’t see what anyone would censor of mine (“YOU’RE TOO HAPPY. HATE SOMETHING NOW.”), but thinking about it I probably would, mainly depending on how much censorship would go on. If it was small things like “tone this down” or something like that then I’d wholeheartedly love to get paid to do that, but if I had to actually change my opinions? That’s when I’d have issues.

But yeah, I’d probably sell out. So you ought to buy diet coke, the official drink of Happy Disco.

… see what I did there?

1 thought on “I fill out another survey because I’m bored

  1. Haha, your answer to number 11 made me laugh!

    I've always wanted to learn the H!P dances, but it's so SLOW teaching oneself! Is there some sort of trick?

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