Song of the Day #91: Country Musume – Hajimete no Happy Birthday

While there’s been a few different Jpop birthday songs including AKB48’s Namida Surprise, the one I always turn to is Country Musume’s Hajimete no Happy Birthday. Today was my birthday and it was one of the first things I listened to today, and I’ve actually done this for the past 8-9 birthdays at least.

It’s not quite as upbeat and flashy as something like Namida Surprise, but I kind of like that – it’s happy and cheerful but easy to listen to and not too fast or hyperactive. It’s the kind of feeling you want for a birthday – happy, pleasant, and not too busy. It has a pleasant melody, a solid arrangement, and is mostly just a solid idol pop song.

Plus, you know, one of my favorite idols of all time is the star of the show here so that’s a big reason I like it. Let’s just link her solo version of the song.

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