Song of the Day #93: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Super Scooter Happy

Is this particularly in my wheelhouse for this blog? Not really. Kyary isn’t considered to be an idol singer and the song in question is a cover of a song by Capsule. Yet this is one of my favorite Kyary tracks and one I’ve been listening to pretty frequently. One thing I’ve said about Kyary in the past is that her music often sounds like it should be the soundtrack to some Katamari Damacy game, and that applies here – I think it’s the combination of endless optimism and happiness combined with just an oddness of sound is that makes Kyary’s music fit that aesthetic so well. Super Scooter Happy is so happy that it’s just charming, and, as you’d expect from Yasutaka Nakata, it’s endlessly catchy. Someone needs to do a video game with Kyary music as the soundtrack, stat.

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