Song of the Day #94: Philosophy no Dance – I’m After Time

A mutual follower on Twitter sent me some YouTube links saying that they thought I would enjoy this. Wondering if I was so easily understood, I checked it out. Turns out yep, I like this group, but I’m After Time is so great.

It has a great retro sound to it with a lot of what sounds like real instrument – saxophone solo? Flute? More horns? It all works here and serves the retro, disco sound of the track. Everything’s incredibly well produced, with a catchy melody and a really great sound. It reminds me a lot of recent years’ Especia – instead of thriving in the more kitschy sounds of the 80s it replicates some of the cooler sounds of disco and funk instead. It’s skipped over fun but purposefully dated Especia to get to purposefully good Especia. And man does it work here.

I’m After Time is a lot of fun and I’m honestly a bit mad I didn’t listen to it last year – it’d easily make my top 25 song list.

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