Song of the Day #96: GALETTe – G

GALETTe not becoming a bigger thing is one of the biggest disappointments of recent years for idols, because they were an incredibly strong group. Every member was a veteran of idol groups, some performing for years, so all of the members had a pretty high standard of performance. However, perhaps even more than all the great members, the music was just superlative. While their later music included a lot of funk/disco sound, stuff readers of my blog know I like, the song I come back to more than almost anything is their debut single, G. G is one of the catchiest pop songs in recent memory, with a great catchy chorus and a very solid electric guitar riff. G is the type of song that, if a more well known group debuted with it, it would be a huge hit. Alas, GALETTe recently broke up, but if you want to look back at a solid discography of idol music I definitely recommend GALETTe.

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