Song of the Day #97: Zettai Chokkyuu Joshi! Playballs – Diving Catch

After checking out Inkey Oops two days ago I checked out their agency’s YouTube page and started watching some videos from this group that I am going to just call Playballs for now, a baseball themed group. While their music could very easily be nothing but a gimmick, aimed purely at the fans at the intersection of baseball fans and idol fans, their music is all varied and all remarkably good. While their newest single is quite good, Diving Catch is possibly my favorite of their music so far. It has a lot of energy, often sounds pretty dark, and integrates rap and dubstep sounds well into an already good pop song. Every repeat of the song title is super catchy (ha), but all the different elements of Playballs work really well. If both Playballs and Inkey Oops are any indication, Richum llc, their company, is something to watch.

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