10 JPop Songs to get you into the Halloween Mood

Halloween is nearly here, and if you’re like me you’ll want to listen to some Halloween-themed music while you get ready to go to a Halloween party or get ready to welcome some trick-or-treaters. Because of this I’ve created a YouTube playlist with some of my favorite Halloween or otherwise spooky themed Jpop songs to listen to.

1. Philosophy no Dance – Like a Zombie

Philosophy no Dance has quickly become one of my favorite currently active idol groups out there, mostly because of their well-written 80s-inspired pop music. Like a Zombie is their funky take on Thriller, and one that works remarkably well due to a high-quality arrangement and some powerful vocals from vocalist Hinata Haru. Like a Zombie is easily one of the top two idol funk songs about zombies this year.

2. Niji no Conquistador – No Life Baby of the End

No Life Baby of the End is the other funky idol song about zombies this year, and while it ups the pace from Like a Zombie it’s still a great song, if perhaps more of an idol song than Like a Zombie. No Life Baby of the End is a bit all over the place, but it manages to be a great, upbeat funky song.

3. Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku – Oh My Ghost? ~Watashi ga Akuryou ni Natte mo~

This has been requisite Halloween listening for me for years, mostly because it was written by the great Maeyamada Kenichi. It’s upbeat, cute, but also delivers on some of its horror imagery, in part because of Maeyamada’s ghost noises in the background. It’s one of the most fun Halloween songs you’ll listen to.

4. AKB48- Halloween Night

Perhaps one of the most directly Halloween-based songs on this list, it’s a disco track about going to a Halloween dance party and it is easily one of AKB48’s most catchy songs in years. It’s one of the most danceable songs on this list, and with a fairly easy dance accompanying it it’s one of the most fun songs on this list.

5. Angerme – Mahoutsukai Sally

Perhaps an unconventional choice, Angerme’s cover of the Mahoutsukai Sally theme song has a definite Halloween-tinge. The song is an upbeat, fun song about a witch that has been modernized somewhat, but still has a classic idol feel and manages to maintain the witchy feel of the original.

6. P.IDL – Hello! Halloween!

While most of the songs on this list so far have been fun, upbeat tracks, Hello! Halloween! has a slightly darker feel. It’s still a great upbeat track with a great dance beat but the electronic music makes the entire sound darker. Still, there are some great vocals (the harmonies sound great) and this is ridiculously catchy, which makes it worthy of this list.

7. Rev. from DVL – Vampire

Rev’s last digital single before they released their best of album and disbanded, I don’t think I really appreciated Vampire when it came out due to the overwhelming feeling of Rev’s inevitable ending. That said, while it’s darker than the majority of Rev’s oeuvre, Vampire is a great dance track with a great beat and instrumentation. It’s only a shame that this had to come out just before Rev broke up, because dance pop Rev would have been pretty great. Vampire is a solid dance track fronted by Hashimoto Kanna that is well worthy of your Halloween playlist.

8. Tokyo Girls Style – Jūjika: Eiga Gakkō no Kaidan Noroi no Kotodama Ver.

Choosing a theme song for a horror movie feels like it’s a bit too obvious,  but this is a really solid song. Like always Tokyo Girls’ Style’s vocals are top notch, and the production is great, as expected from a Avex production. The entire song has a great beat but also a creepy feel to it.

9. Momoiro Clover Z – Saraba, Itoshiki Kanashimitachi yo

Another theme song (this time for a TV series), Saraba is one of Momoiro Clover Z’s most popular songs and for good reason – it has a great creepy feel, combining a rock feel with the occasional harpsichord song. It’s not Halloween but this combination always makes me feel like Halloween.

10. Youvex Rengogun – Hallo Christmas

Ending off with a joint Halloween / Christmas song (and a Yokai Watch ending theme), this joint Avex venture (with members from Super Girls, GEM and LinQ) is a solid place to end this Halloween playlist and get ready for the holiday season.

Happy Halloween!

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