I Give Thanks to Idols! Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey guys!

First off, I have to apologize for being so bad with posting as of late. I’ve been just swamped with school work, and I’m really trying hard to be the best student I can this semester, in addition to my job (and for a brief while I had two jobs, gah).

Anyways, today in the US is the holiday of Thanksgiving! Now, I love idol holiday songs and thinking back on fandoms. However, there are some idol songs that stand out as somewhat fitting the day.

Mama Grazie! – Watarirouka Hashiritai 7

Now, the lyrics to this song entitled “Mama, thanks!” (originally supposed to be released around Mother’s day as a single before the earthquake) aren’t exactly the most thanksgiving related; it’s about a girl thanking a mom for helping her go on a date and break curfew even though she has a strict father. However, the upbeat song with the sentiment of thanks fits the day.

Thanks- GAM

What list about giving thanks would be complete without a song called Thanks?

Egao ni Namida ~Thank you Dear my Friends~ – Matsuura Aya

Ayaya sings “thank you” a lot; I almost put her single “Hyacinth” up on this list. But this is a heartfelt thank you song, so it’s something that really does fit the actual theme of the day.

However, I’m sure many of you that celebrated just care about food. And in that case….

Kurakura Dinner Time – v-u-den

You know I love my v-u-den, and a song about a dinner involving “stuffing cheeks” fully fits how many people approach Thanksgiving.

Some of you might be more excited about Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving that’s popular for shopping. Well you can go to…

109 – AKB48

109, a famous store that AKB48 sang about!

Anyways, after that stretch of a list, here’s another list, my list of things about idols that I’m thankful for!

1. Idol music is basically the background music of my life; when I’m walking around I’m probably listening to idol music.

2. I’m so thankful for idol music for brightening my spirits. Even when life is tough, idol music has been there to make me forget for a little while.

3. I’m so so thankful for idols, since I can write about them for homework.

4. I’m thankful for idols being the inspiration for Happy Disco; I love writing my blog and I have so much fun doing so.


5. I’m SO thankful for idols because through idols I’ve been able to meet new friends. I’m so happy to know the staff of Intl Wota, Dani, Shioka and members on various sites. Even with ups and downs, the idol fanbase is a great one that I’m happy to be a part of.

Thank you, also, to anyone who reads my blog! Every single one of you goes appreciated!

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