Note to my readers

Hello to anyone that actually reads this on a regular basis (I’m honestly kind of shocked that I get actual comments on my blog; I’m not super popular, but the fact I have readers makes me rather happy.

This is just an FYI post that I will be updating Happy Disco and Charmy Disco much less frequently than I have in the past in the next while. I’m a college student and I just started classes again this week. Even though I love this blog a lot, writing it takes a fair amount of time and effort; I spend a lot of time especially on the Ongaku Gatas reviews, which take about an hour and a half to write. I love writing them and I’m doing it for myself, but taking 18 credits with my two majors doesn’t lend itself well to blog-writing.

However, I’m not stopping Happy Disco or going on hiatus or whatever. Just updating it less frequently. Same with Charmy Disco, for any readers of that.

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