"Click You Link Me"- NEW AYAYA ALBUM

Again, the “Serenyty wakes up and sees news” cycle has proven correct; I wake up, check my sites, and lo and behold, at her 9/11 concert, Matsuura Aya announced that she was releasing her 6th album!!

I’m really excited; As a fan of all of Aya’s previous offerings (even her slow things; Double Rainbow is one of my favorite H!P albums ever), I am ecstatic. A while earlier Aya announced she was taking a break (after her Omoi Afurete tour) but that apparently doesn’t include recording.

The album will be released 11/24.

I don’t really know what else to say other than that Ayaya is amazing. And share some videos.

Oh! I really have high hopes for this album. My ideal album would be a mixture of upbeat songs (her earlier stuff, Ki ga Tsukeba Anata, etc.) with some ballads that show off her beautiful voice. My hope is that they actually promote this album and UFA does a good job with it, to try and bring Ayaya back. She was as big as Morning Musume back in the day, and for good reason. I wish her the best, and hope that this album does well so there will be many more to come!

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